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Most frequent questions and answers

Below are a list of the most Frequently Asked questions. Use this to get a better understanding of the services. Many of the questions you might have may be answered here. If there is anything we may have missed or still need answers to please contact us so that we can further assist.

All Regular Rentals always Include driver Gratuity and Fuel with Unlimited stops and pickups.

Unless you have a “Package Deal”, are celebrating a Prom, or are attending one of our “in-house” events, the price quoted to you will just cover the Party Bus Rental

We typically have a 3 hour minimum.

At times we allow pickup and Drop-offs ONLY but usually not after 8pm.

YES, but you might want to make sure you’re of age o_O ! Thanks.
NO. If someone smokes on the bus you will risk of forfeiting your security deposit. Plus we don’t think that would be the healthiest of ideas in such a closed space as a bus.

For certain events we have. However, the Bus is AUX and Bluetooth  compatible.
We encourage you to bring your own music but if your CD skips, you can only blame yourself. =)

Soon we look to collaborate with DJ’s to provide Custom Mixes. So Stay tuned!

We have a few vehicles with Restrooms (typically the larger ones).
Opening the restroom however comes at a separate charge.

Yes, they are seasonal and change often. View our Party Bus Occasions tab to find a package offered that most specifically meet your needs.

In some vehicles food is acceptable. Food requests must be approved ahead of time as we try to keep our fleet as clean as we can to give YOU and other patrons the best experience possible.
Yes, but most vehicles have a built in ice chests or bar areas for your convenience.
Yes, but you will need to pay for the time to do so.

We don’t suggest it! Keep in mind most vehicles have NO bathrooms. The more people, the more restroom breaks that will be needed. At least have a general area in mind (i.e. Midtown or Washington Ave.) Otherwise you might be spend a good chunk of your party bus time at a gas station somewhere waiting in line for a co-ed bathroom.