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Click the Blue Button Below To Receive A Party Bus Quote.


Party Bus Quote Info:

Here at Party Bus Lounge, we take pride in trying to find you the most complete ways to provide a party bus quote. To Do that we have partnered with Ridehire Technologies in an effort to bring consistency to the quote and booking process. With their help, we are able to provide you complete party bus quotes that include the drivers gratuity, fuel and out of town charges, as well as any applicable taxes and fees. This will ensure there are no last minute pricing surprises when it is time to book.

High Seasons

The limousine, charter, and tour industry is a seasonal business. Rates will increase on dates with more demand. This includes, but is not limited to dates such as New Year’s Eve, or in months such as May (due to prom and graduation season). We apologize in advance if these occasions do not apply to you. Prices must respectfully cater to that increased demand.

Hour Minimums

Most bookings come with a 3-hour minimum. However, with our technology, we take travel time into consideration on every reservation. This means that it is included in obtaining that minimum to ensure you receive the best price possible. Party Buses are not Uber Vehicles. A 10-minute ride will still be priced similarly. Keep in mind that at minimum it takes drivers 1-2 Hours to prepare for an event. This is to ensure they are at your destination on time. As a business, we can not expect drivers to leave their personal obligations for a well below minimum pay not to mention hard costs such as fuel must be accounted for prior. Would you get out of bed and drive across town twice for a 10-minute shift? If so please Contact Us for an interview. 🙂

When requesting quotes at the minimum you should know the date, time of day, and location for pickup and drop-off. This will ensure that we can provide you the most accurate quote possible. All bookings are on a first come first served bases. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they are back at their drop-off address in time. For more information regarding bookings visit the Frequently Asked Questions, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.