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Terms And Conditions



ALL Deposits once submitted are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please make sure that you are ready to book once a reservation has been made. A Variable Deposit (typically 20%) is required to reserve the Party Bus. Deposits are on a First come first served basis.

If a deposit is paid in cash, it will serve as a security deposit as well as a reservation deposit. The complete balance (Not including the deposit) must then be paid IN CASH at pickup. Attempting to Paying with a credit card at pickup will result in a $50 credit card transaction fee. If a card is denied the client will in term forfeit the event yet still be held accountable for the entire balance according to the terms and conditions stated in the contract.

If there were no violations of the terms and conditions the deposit would then be returned at the end of the event. If multiple violations occur with a cash deposit on file the driver has the right to terminate the service at any time and deposit will be forfeited.


All credit card deposits will be charged a 3% transaction fee. With a credit card on file, the client is then only responsible for the remaining balance once the deposit is approved. If a client wishes to use the credit card on file to pay the remaining balance the transaction must be made anytime prior to the event date where the same 3% transaction fee would apply. If no transaction is made within 24Hours of the event date the remaining balance will be expected IN CASH at the time of pickup. Attempting to pay with a credit card at pickup will result in a $50 credit card transaction fee If a card is denied, the client will in term forfeit the event yet still be held accountable for the entire balance according to the terms and conditions stated in the contract.

If a card is on file and there were no violations of the terms and conditions everything will have then be paid in full. The card on file would only be charged AS VIOLATIONS OCCUR (if any). If at any time a card denies payment for a violation the driver has the right to terminate the service.


Deposit will be forfeited if reservation is canceled anytime after the reservation has been taken.

Cancellations made within 72 hours of pickup date/time will be subjected to 100% of the contract. Deposit and reservations are non transferable. If a credit card is declined it will be charged on an alternate date with no statute of limitations. Cards that are declined for service, tip, security deposits, damages etc. could be subject to double the amount owed and/or result in a cancellation of your event.

The contracted time CAN NOT be changed to fewer hours after the reservation has been taken. The total remains the same even if fewer hours are used.

The bus MUST return to its drop off point on the time scheduled. If you would like to add the additional time you must sign the “Time Extension Form” located on the bus or downloadable from the website. This Action must be taken 15 minutes before original end time. If a customer goes over time by 15 minutes another hour at full price will be charged to the customer. You must inform the driver if you wish to extend your time. You may only extend the time by the hour.


ALL fines will either be taken out of the security deposit or be charged to the card on file. Once a security deposit has expired, due to multiple infractions, the driver then has the right to terminate the gig or, if they CHOOSE to do so, accept another security deposit in its place.

The client must agree to pay for any and all damages applied to the vehicle by anyone in their party.

The security deposit does NOT cover any lost, broken, or stolen equipment. These violations will result in a separate replacement fee.

There is an Up to $200 fine per occurrence for expelling bodily fluids inside or within a visible range outside of the vehicle. This fine is applied to littering as well. In either case, service may be terminated immediately and without refund at the driver discretion.

Vehicle must be left in the same condition as you began. All trash must be disposed of properly. Any fluids of any sort must be cleaned immediately. If these requirements are not met a $100.00 clean up fee will be charged.

NO SMOKING in the Bus. NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be up to a $200 FINE if caught or if evidence of tobacco is found in the vehicle.

Occupancy not guaranteed due to individual person size. A $25 overage fee will be charged per person if bus capacity is exceeded. Max capacity is 40 passengers.

The bus MUST have a destination. We will NOT drive around in circles. If a client doesn’t provide a destination the bus will sit or a destination will be chosen for you.

Underage drinking will NOT be tolerated. If caught or evidence of liquor is found on the bus, your ride will be terminated and no refund will be offered.

Party Bus Lounge is NOT responsible for actions of intoxicated passengers both before and after their ride on the bus.

NO weapons and/or Narcotics of ANY sort will be tolerated. Up to a $200 fine will be charged if caught or if evidence of either is found on the bus.

Fighting on board the bus will terminate the ride on the spot with NO EXCEPTIONS. Deposit WILL be lost or a ($200) FINE WILL be applied to the CC on file.

Balances are due IN CASH upon boarding. A $50 transaction fee will be assessed if the balance is placed on a credit card.

Contracts must be signed and submitted within 48 hours of rental date or the deposit will be forfeited and reservation canceled.

You may “NOT” decorate the interior of our buses without permission. Decorations left behind will be charged a cleaning fee up to $100.

If a minor makes a booking in the act of misrepresentation, it is the parent’s fiduciary responsibility for their child’s actions.

Party Bus Lounge is not responsible for articles lost, stolen, or left in the vehicle.

The driver has the unlimited right to terminate service without refund for any form of physical or verbal abuse or if terms and conditions are breached.